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Posted on Friday 30 October 2009

Tuesday I attended an event where Peter Shankman–social media & internet guru (although he hates that word)–spoke about how to successfully utilize social networking for your business. In short, he’s a very smart web guy. The seminar was fresh and inspiring. The audience included reporters and bloggers, as well as many PR and marketing people. He spoke about new media in a way that was not a regurgitation of something I had heard elsewhere. It was an original, not to mention pretty hilarious, perspective from a guy who’s been a part of it since before it had a name.

Peter Shankman: 4 Rules to Social Media Success

1. Transparency. Be transparent. Admit to your wrongdoings. Fix a problem you caused before it becomes more of a problem. People are 4 to 1 more likely to do business with a company that screwed up and admitted it, than a company who screwed up and got caught.

2. Relevancy. What’s the best way to find out how your audience (your entire audience, everyone in your target) would like to receive information from you?

Ask them.

3. Brevity. Learn how to write. Today, the average attention span is 2.7 seconds-roughly the time it takes to read a text message. That’s all the time you have to reach your audience.

4. Top of Mind. Stay at the front of people’s minds. Take the time to keep in touch. Reach out to your network. Regularly.

Some other interesting takeaways:

. Social media IS customer service; this is the direction we are moving in. If you really want to interact with your customers and fix problems before they become big problems, be one level above mediocre. Respond.

. Raving Fans. As a society, we expect to be treated like crap. Treat your customers one level above crap; treat them well and they’ll become raving fans, and will do your PR for you.

. When something good happens we (as a society) love to be finders. When something bad happens, we (as a society) are never truly miserable until those around us are miserable too. It’s not so much word of mouth, as it is just something we do- it’s the direction we are moving in.

. Say something worth re-tweeting; the loneliest person on Twitter is the person who only talks about himself.

Some useful websites he shared, which we are now sharing. This is a great free service for busy people. This is a cool web tool for monitoring social media. This is another resource for monitoring things people are saying online.

Thanks for the wise words Mr. Shankman. Looking forward to whatever it is you do next.

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