How Love Changed My Life: 5 Ways In Which My Wife Altered My Food Habits

Posted on Wednesday 18 February 2009

In (belated) honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a rundown of how my wife, a lifelong foodie (verging on food snob), opened my eyes to a life beyond prepackaged foodstuffs.To give you an idea of the before picture, my idea of cooking dinner was cutting up peppers and adding to whatever pasta sauce was on sale that week. 

1. Medium Rare and Rare
My dad’s a meat and potatoes guy. A medium meat and potatoes guy. And though I always understood that steak was something special, for a long time I wasn’t that into it.  Enter my wife, who taught me the  joys of reddish pink steaks, seared on the outsides, juicy in the middle. Turns out, my problem was not knowing that meat came in more vibrant colors. Choosing medium rare at a restaurant with my parents is probably one of the most dramatic ways I’ve rebelled since leaving the nest (either food is really important or I’m really boring). Though there was an additional concern. What if I had no opinion of my own? Maybe I was just mimicking the people around me. Or worse, being controlled. This turned out to not be the case. Though my wife and I share a love of medium rare meat, my love was a little bloodier and rarer than hers. I was my own man.

2. Guacamole
This was something we discovered together. For our first New Year’s Eve, we went to a fancy Mexican restaurant and ordered guacamole, a made-table-side specialty. Neither of us were big guacamole fans before that, but after we watched the woman grind it in a molcajete, we realized how incredibly easy it was to make. A taste made us realize how delicious it was. Now, we make it all the time (or at least as much as we make anything–we switch around a lot) and no large get-together (particularly sporting-oriented) is without it.  

3. Moderation over Reduced Fat
I thought sacrifice was the key. So, I’d eat reduced-fat cream cheese and the like. My wife declared this disgusting. Why deny yourself the great pleasure of fattening foods? Just don’t go crazy. She was right, of course. 

4. Truffles 
My friggin’ lord. These edible fruiting bodies of the subterranean ascomycete fungi of the genus tuber are some of the best things in the world. I tried them for the first time when I took my wife out for her birthday. Now, I order them whenever I can.  

5. You Know, Cooking Stuff
My wife taught me that they have these huge stores where you can buy food. And, then there are these books (or, now, sites) that have these directions on how to prepare that food into meals. It was like she rehabilitated me and sent me back into the kitchen. It’s amazing. No longer do I order out or follow the directions on the back of the box. I can actually cook, bake, and grill food for myself. Who knew? Now, if you’ll excuse me, my wife is pulling chocolate soufflés out of the oven.

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