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Flights of Fancy: Random Thoughts about the 2013 Winter Fancy Food Show

Right off the bat the good news at the Fancy Food Show is that it was busy. Busy in a way it hasn’t been in years. Usually in talking to exhibitors at a show, some people will say the show was great and some people will say it’s slow. I can’t remember a time when [...]

Weathering the Food Industry’s Forecast for 2010

Here at Savor, we’ve been doing some serious soul searching (meaning, reading, research and arguing) to hash out the hottest food trends for 2010. Ready? The Epi-Log’s Top 10 Food Trends for 2010 of says that Fried Chicken is in & Gourmet Burgers are out. Unfortunate for KFC, just as they were rolling out [...]

Food Inc. Gave Me Anxiety.

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Documentaries are supposed to make you think. Give you insight in to something you either aren’t in tune to (yet) or something you feel strongly about and are seeking more connection with. Food and I have a very serious relationship, so for me, going to see Food, Inc. meant the latter. Food Inc. opens our [...]

Gourmet Gourmands.

It’s safe to say I’m still pleasantly stuffed from the epicurean adventure that was Chicago Gourmet this past weekend. Writing for a food-marketing agency, not to mention never one to turn down foodstuffs, I went in to the soiree with the confidence I would feel right at home. But the behemoth bright white tents, the [...]

Starting A Food Business In Chicago

This morning, while pulling together the contact info of several commercial kitchens for a new food startup, I came across an article on Crain’s site discussing the heavy regulations Chicago enforces on food companies. If you’re interested in starting a food business, I suggest you take a look at the article. You might be surprised [...]

Go West! – Random Thoughts About The National Products Expo West

The National Products Expo West held March 6-8 at the Anaheim Convention Center is an interesting amalgam of categories (foods, supplements, cosmetics), products and companies (from small “trying to get their break” companies to international corporations). I heard several people talk about how in the olden days (the nineties perhaps?) the show was less “big [...]

How Love Changed My Life: 5 Ways In Which My Wife Altered My Food Habits

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In (belated) honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a rundown of how my wife, a lifelong foodie (verging on food snob), opened my eyes to a life beyond prepackaged foodstuffs.To give you an idea of the before picture, my idea of cooking dinner was cutting up peppers and adding to whatever pasta sauce was on sale [...]

What A Treat: Thoughts On The 2009 San Francisco Fancy Food Show

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Most Heavenly Experience Walking past the Valor booth, a rep handed Ivy, my business partner (and wife), a cup of warm sipping chocolate. She drank it as we walked down the aisle and then stated out loud, and not directly to me, more to the sky, “This is DIVINE.” Most Intriguing Derivation of an Established [...]

How Coolio Botox’s His Bird

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Ummm. Wow. Uh. Yeah. This is just insane. Rapper Coolio has his own cooking show online: Click here to see Coolio cooking his game day turkey. Careful. The language is not safe for work. And the way he “molests” the turkey he’s prepping, well, that’s just not safe for my psyche. Is this for real? You [...]

Cheers! It’s The 75th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition

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Yep. It’s been 75 years since consumption of alcohol was made legal (again) thanks to the passage of the 21st amendment, which repealed the 18th. Where has the time gone, huh? Just makes you want to sit back and enjoy a cold one and reflect. Or, maybe a nice chianti. Heck, just give me a [...]