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Natural Impressions: The 2013 Natural Product Expo West

Crazy. If I was only allowed one adjective to describe the just-wrapped Natural Products Expo West (or, as it’s known by its friends, Expo West), that’s the one I’d use. The 2,400 exhibitors. The 60,000 attendees. The crowds. The vibe. The spectacles. Crazy. My first experience at the show was five years ago—fairly late into [...]

Flights of Fancy: Random Thoughts about the 2013 Winter Fancy Food Show

Right off the bat the good news at the Fancy Food Show is that it was busy. Busy in a way it hasn’t been in years. Usually in talking to exhibitors at a show, some people will say the show was great and some people will say it’s slow. I can’t remember a time when [...]

Why Are You Great? Tell Them Or They Won’t Know

You know what makes your business and products unique, but does your target audience? Not only is it essential to have a clear grasp of what makes your company standout, but you need to get that message to your target as well. Think of it this way: if you don’t tell them, they won’t know. [...]

Tips for Farmers’ Market Vendors

Spring is here and summer’s not far behind. So, foodies and farmers alike are gearing up for the growth of new produce. With the blooming of squash blossoms comes the booming of Farmers’ Markets. As a Farmers’ Market vendor here are some ideas for attracting customers and increasing sales. Communicate Important Info In Your Signage [...]

Restaurant Trends We’ve Noticed

As restaurant owners, chefs, and managers continue to pull themselves out of the recession and find ways to pull customers in, we’ve been seeing a slew of interesting promotional tactics and trends. Examples, you ask for?  Examples you shall have. Trivia & Karaoke Nights Bars everywhere are praying on unsuspecting egos by instituting weekly Trivia [...]

Trend Spotting At The NASFT Winter Fancy Food Show

The National Association of the Specialty Food Trade had an interesting pre-show promotion this year on their site to get people thinking and excited about the San Francisco edition of their bi-yearly specialty food show. They asked the question: What will be the 5 major trends at this year’s San Francisco Fancy Food Show? You [...]

Weathering the Food Industry’s Forecast for 2010

Here at Savor, we’ve been doing some serious soul searching (meaning, reading, research and arguing) to hash out the hottest food trends for 2010. Ready? The Epi-Log’s Top 10 Food Trends for 2010 of says that Fried Chicken is in & Gourmet Burgers are out. Unfortunate for KFC, just as they were rolling out [...]

Gourmet Gourmands.

It’s safe to say I’m still pleasantly stuffed from the epicurean adventure that was Chicago Gourmet this past weekend. Writing for a food-marketing agency, not to mention never one to turn down foodstuffs, I went in to the soiree with the confidence I would feel right at home. But the behemoth bright white tents, the [...]

Starting A Food Business In Chicago

This morning, while pulling together the contact info of several commercial kitchens for a new food startup, I came across an article on Crain’s site discussing the heavy regulations Chicago enforces on food companies. If you’re interested in starting a food business, I suggest you take a look at the article. You might be surprised [...]

General Mills Goes Niche

This past month there have been a number of articles about General Mills’ new gluten-free product line. Their Betty Crocker brand is rolling out gluten-free mixes for cookies, brownies and cakes. But, beyond just this brand extension, this news has huge implications for the willingness of big companies to go after small niches and how [...]