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How Love Changed My Life: 5 Ways In Which My Wife Altered My Food Habits

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In (belated) honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a rundown of how my wife, a lifelong foodie (verging on food snob), opened my eyes to a life beyond prepackaged foodstuffs.To give you an idea of the before picture, my idea of cooking dinner was cutting up peppers and adding to whatever pasta sauce was on sale [...]

What A Treat: Thoughts On The 2009 San Francisco Fancy Food Show

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Most Heavenly Experience Walking past the Valor booth, a rep handed Ivy, my business partner (and wife), a cup of warm sipping chocolate. She drank it as we walked down the aisle and then stated out loud, and not directly to me, more to the sky, “This is DIVINE.” Most Intriguing Derivation of an Established [...]