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How Coolio Botox’s His Bird

( Food )

Ummm. Wow. Uh. Yeah. This is just insane. Rapper Coolio has his own cooking show online: Click here to see Coolio cooking his game day turkey. Careful.┬áThe language is not safe for work. And the way he “molests” the turkey he’s prepping, well, that’s just not safe for my psyche. Is this for real? You [...]

Cheers! It’s The 75th Anniversary of the Repeal of Prohibition

( Food )

Yep. It’s been 75 years since consumption of alcohol was made legal (again) thanks to the passage of the 21st amendment, which repealed the 18th. Where has the time gone, huh? Just makes you want to sit back and enjoy a cold one and reflect. Or, maybe a nice chianti. Heck, just give me a [...]